Behind the scenes - get to know the makers of the race.

Take a look behind the scenes! Get to know the "team behind the camera". Here you can find out everything about the ultimate race on the Theodul glacier. Click through the picture gallery and read the statements of those involved.

Location: Plateau Rosa (VS)

The location of the race, the Plateau Rosa, is part of the Theodul Glacier in the Valais Alps. The area lies below Klein Matterhorn at around 3800 m above sea level and is open for skiing all year round.

The Zermatt - Matterhorn destination is also popular outside the high season: it offers the largest and highest summer ski area in Europe, used in summer by ski enthusiasts and ski professionals to prepare for the World Cup season. In winter, it is part of the highest ski area in Europe.

«My biggest challenge on the day of the shoot»

Laurent Ulrich | Cameraman, Maybaum Film

«We already knew Ramon and his staff from a previous shoot. They are outstandingly easy-going people, but always top professional. Filming in the mountains, and on a ski slope, is nevertheless extraordinary. The biggest challenge at such a location is the weather. It changed on the day of filming, sometimes within a few moments.»

«Be the ‹bad guy› - sometimes!»

Peter Zenhäusern | Advisor / Head of staff

«Part of life as a top athlete is balancing training, competition, recovery and sponsorship commitments. For me as Ramon's father and advisor, the mix is crucial. The focus is always on the sport, you must never lose sight of that. As a manager, I sometimes have to be the 'bad guy' and insist that time doesn't run out. With our film shoot, it went like clockwork. It was also a nice revival. The images came back to my mind of Ramon as a little boy playing with the excavators in the sandbox, and then a little later riding in the compactor and excavator on a construction site next to our house.»

«With Ramon in tow»

Louis Biner | Driver, Zermatt Bergbahnen AG

«A part of the ski slope on the Plateau Rosa was reserved for the race. For a set time. That's why it was important not to lose a minute. The fastest way to get there is by snowmobile. It always goes fast - no matter if it's just Ramon riding along or the whole film crew is in tow!»

«Skier against excavator - that sounds crazy at first»

Florian Kofmel & Thomas Wermelinger | Head of Marketing Services & Head of Mini Excavators, Cat Dealer Avesco

«A ski race between a slalom pro and one of our new mini excavators sounds like a crazy idea at first. But we wanted to show what really matters when you want to achieve top performance, no matter what profession: the dedication to total precision. The courage to try something new and to work on it until it works perfectly. This is Ramon Zenhäusern's way of working, with which he won the Olympic medal, and it is also the spirit that is in the Cat brand.»

«Ramon Zenhäusern vs. Cat 301.8» – Cast & Crew

Cat 301.8

Christoph Zaugg, Avesco

Thomas Wermelinger, Avesco

Willi Breitberger, Rossignol serviceman

Florian Kofmel, Avesco

Ramon Zenhäusern

Thierry Meynet, SL assistant coach

Peter Zenhäusern

Tim Zumstein, Maybaum

Laurent Ulrich, Maybaum

Louis Biner, Zermatt Bergbahnen

Helge Landberg, Avesco


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