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Cat Tabelle IT

Per macchine Caterpillar


Modello escavatorePrefixN. ricambioLarghezzaDistanza del passoNumero delle maglie
300.9DLJM1-up367-4063 1807237
301.5, 301.6, 301.8 BFA1-up  BDH1-up 3YW1-up Arrangement abhängig234-93682304862
301.5, 301.6, 301.8BFA1-up  BDH1-up 3YW1-up Arrangement abhängig234-93692304866
301.4C, 301.7DLJK1-up LJH1-up375-5039 2309633
301.6C, 301.8CJBB1-up JSB1-up long pitch374-34622309635
301.6C, 301.8CJBB1-up JSB1-up short pitch231-19112304870
301.6C, 301.8CJBB1-up JSB1-up short pitch374-34622309635
302.2DLJ51-up  LJG1-up390-23342509638
302.4DLJ61-up LJN1-up390-23352304874
302.7DLJ71-up LJL1-up430-322030010940
303C CRBXT1-up263-925030052,590
303,5DCH1-up AFW1-up153-598230052,584
303.5C CR, 303.5DDMY1-up RHP1-up263-926230052,590
303.5ERKY1-up RSE1-up SFH1-up382-384430052,590
304D CRTYK1-up344-884830052,590
304.5, 305CR, 305.5DSA1-up Arrangement abhängig ANR1-up WAK1-up  153-59814007372
304C CR, 305.5E, 305E, 305C CR, 305D,FKY1-up FSC1-up YGB1-up WDL1-up XFA1-up XSC1-up HWJ1-up XER1-up FPK1-up465-922440072,576
305CRDSA1-up Arrangement abhängig DGT1-up238-323140072,572
305.5D FLZ1-up346-512440072,576
305.5D FLZ1-up465-922440072,576
308D, 308E, 308E2GBJ1-up TMX1-up391-31684508078